S Bar J Horsemanship
AKA  Two Braids Training

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About Our Methods

We use a blend of natural horsemanship techniques in combination with classical dressage and techniques learned from cutting and reining to create our western horses. With a blend of natural horsemanship similar to Clinton Anderson, John Lyons, Monty Roberts and Dennis Reis, we teach our horses not only to be responsive to cues, but to think and make solid decisions in sticky situations. We help them learn this by providing lots of new obstacles, from the saddle to the trailer, as well as logs, poles, tarps, barrels, flags, ropes, anything we can think of!

 The dressage work on our young (and retraining) horses teaches them to be soft, supple, balanced and precise in their movements. This allows them to develop self carriage, starting from long and low and on the bridle to a finished frame, and this allows us to encourage a horse into its best natural frame, without forcing an artificial frame on them, which often limits a horses potential on hard trails or speed events.  It is amazing how much smoother a barrel run can be on a horse who is balanced front to back, and from side to side! Not to mention the advantages on the trail, a well balanced and framed horse navigates obstacles so easily!

 We are always aiming for the horse to be confident, willing, calm, soft, supple, cadenced and rhythmical in all their movements. For our english and western performance horses this allows us to show each horse to their full potential. 

Finishing on all performance horses is geared to having a soft, supple and responsive horse, especially when traveling at speed. We like all horses who are going on to speed events to not only be in good physical condition, but to have a great stop, solid ability to collect, or rate, and a very light neck rein on our western horses. We also like to have them sidepass, leg yield, rollback, pivot, and have a truly soft back-up as well as solid lead changes. While we understand a slide stop is not necessary on a barrel horse, the knowledge that your horse can and will stop on a dime, makes it much easier to feel comfortable pushing them for that extra bit of speed! It doesn't matter if your speed is over fences, on a cow or turning a can, all these fundamentals must be developed to promote the best performance and allow sustainable soundness from your horse. 

We have also been lucky enough in the past few years to have had enough gaited horses (walkers, paso finos, peruvians, foxtrotters) that we have actually invested the time in learning to train them as well. With the dressage training we normally implement, some very simple alterations allow us to help gaited horses find their perfect gait and build up their muscles slowly so they can maintain it well. Without artificial aids or any strong bits/training tools, we have gotten very skilled at teaching and reteaching gaited horses to help them smooth out and move to their full potential.  We have even had good success with teaching non-gaited, but powerful walkers (QH and paints) to do a beautiful, comfy one-footed gait. 


Please note - ALL of our services are FLEXIBLY PRICED! What this means is that if you truly need a service, but are at this time unable to afford our pricing, PLEASE contact us regardless. We are willing to work out payments, reduced pricing if possible, and trades. There are options, it is just easiest to speak with you and figure out what best serves your goals and your horses needs! 


Standard 30 day training for trail, pleasure and show horses includes board, hay fed 3x a day, once a day graining (you must provide any grains/supplements), groundwork, riding and two free lessons each week for the duration of your horses training!

Basic training is 700$, multiple month discounts available, please contact us for a personalized quote on what your goals are for your horse. And as stated above, we do our best to be flexible on this! 

       -All horses are ridden to the maximum of their physical ability, for most sound and healthy horses that is 5-6 rides/works a week, and the length of time varies.

       - Colt starting is 2-4 weeks of groundwork, saddling, trailer loading, tying, bathing, feet handling and trimming, and getting accustomed to carrying a rider. Each horse varies, within the first week we can give you a better quote on the time your horse will take to reach the goals you are aiming for. Some horses are well backed and have 20-25 rides before they go home, some horses require more fundamentals on the ground, some colts need to develop physically to be capable of some movements properly while carrying a riders weight. We will evaluate each horse during the first week of training and update you on your horses estimated advancement. 

   - We recommend 4 weeks of riding after that, which includes hauling to different arenas and new trails, and miles of good saddle experience!

   -Price does not include hauling, trimming/shoeing, vetting, chiropractic/massage therapy work or showing, all of which are billed directly to the owner of the horse, although we are happy to make arrangements to have services done while horse is in training with us.

     - We always ensure we have your permission before any additional services are done, and will provide you with a quote as well.  

 We also offer tuneups, refinement training (finishing), reconditioning, and cattle work to help with each individual horses needs.

     -Tune-ups for rope, barrel, pole, pleasure/show, jumping, reining, working cow and trail/family horses available.

     - Problem solving for horses who are getting sour, aren't working like they used to (sticky stops, missed leads, etc),Trailering issues, tying problems, rearing, running off, spooking and bucking.

        - Reconditioning for the competitive horses you just don't have enough time to keep in performance shape!

         - Limited riding services are one-three times a week lightly ridden, perfect for the aged horses for a week or more while you go out of town, keep them moving around well! This is individually price, please call for a quote.

  These are priced individually depending on what services are needed, so please contact us with a description of what you and your horse need. These packages can also be combined with lessons as well!

 Lessons and Clinics

Private lessons are 40$ for approximately an hour of work, pay for four and get the fifth free! All lessons are catered to the individuals needs and goals. 

Group Lessons are 30$, for two or more riders. Please contact to join a group or bring a few friends! 

Clinics are available upon request, please contact to set one up or check our event page for the next upcoming clinic! We do clinics for groundwork, advanced groundwork and training, colt starting, demos, cattle work, ranch roping, dummy work, effective riding, trail, obstacle, trailer loading, and we do travel to other facilities. Contact us to host your next event! 

Boarding and Board with optional riding available, please contact us for stall availability and current pricing or call the J-6 Ranch Equestrian Center! 

 Sales and Leases

Please visit http://www.J6Equestrian.com for horses currently available for sale or lease! 

We offer a few options for resaling horses for our clients, we do require we have known the horse for a minimum of 14 days before we will place them on the market, to help us ensure we make the best rider/horse match possible. The individual sale will dictate which package is best for you, so please contact us and we can get you a quote!

 Apprenticeships and Internships

We offer an apprenticeship program for 300$ a week, which includes room and board. This allows potential professionals to complete various levels of certifications. Students get varied opportunities to start colts, tune up proven show/performance horses and finish in a variety of disciplines, and how to instruct riders through all these same steps. We will teach all the ins and outs of putting together a comprehensive training program, manage a barn, track nutrition, put on clinics and demos.  Students who have completed level 1 certification may be given an option to join the J6 team and start their career operating out of our barn! 

Internships are an unpaid opportunity to work in exchange for private or semi private lessons, and in exchange for a broad practical knowledge base. Students will assist with horse care and management, nutrition, handling, groundwork and assist the trainers and instructors.

We also offer sales services, with the goal of helping place horses with their perfect rider/handler. We can help you either sell your horse or assist you in locating the perfect horse for your family. We are not horse traders, all horses are sold with as accurate and honest a description of the horse as possible.